Pintxos Tour San Sebastian

    Pintxos Tour San Sebastian

    Pintxos tour San Sebastian – Half Day Private Route – Small Groups

    Pintxos Tour San Sebastian is a fun and delicious way to know San sebastian, the culture and the basque cuisine while you eat.  While exploring the narrows streets of the Old Town, full of bars, restaurant and stores, we will take you to the top-quality bars (for a total of six), pairing each bar’s specialty with a glass of Txakoli (local white wine), red wine, beer or Cider. With so many bars to choose from, visiting can get overwhelming. Let us take you to our favorite places!

    Are you really open to new flavours?

    Full Day – From San Sebastian

    Duration: 3-4 hours

    Capacity: Up to 8 People

    Ages: All ages (Children drink grape “must”)

    Lunch: Starts at 12:30pm   Dinner: Starts at 6:30pm


    Real pintxos, local products, great wine and the old city.

    The pintxos are a mixture of traditional Basque and nouveau. We are talking about taking part in a deep-rooted regional culinary tradition: going out for «pintxos». This consists of sampling miniature dishes that fill the counters in bars and taverns. It is the perfect excuse to discover the historic centres of Basque towns and cities.

    Going out for «pintxos» (small dishes to try, like tapas) is an experience not to be missed. See the counters crammed with these little gastronomic gems. Sample them and feel the lively, busy atmosphere in the region’s typical local bars – a unique experience. 

    «Pintxos» are normally made with local produce, vegetables, meats, seafood, cured meats and cheeses. They are beautifully presented. 

    As San Sebastian locals, what is the best experience we could offer you if you are a food lover and a curious traveler? A Pintxos experience, definitely. The most famous and celebrated Spanish habits, and our favorite of course. Let’s go to visit and enjoy authentic places for locals while enjoyng amazing views and charming corners of la bella ciudad de San Sebastian.


    Let yourself go and enjoy the best of our gastronomic culture and social life!

    How? It’s basically a meeting with friends to eat Pintxos (“potear” ) while we tour the city on a pleasant walk. We are your friends in San Sebastian, the kind of friends you wish you had in every city so they could tell you all the secrets that only the most passionate gourmets and city explorers can know.

    Let us surprise you!!

    Our walking tour covers the old city San Sebastian, Bretxa’s Market and Cathedral.

    Children: Children are welcome. They will enjoy an incredible day! .

    Pickup Location: Please provide your hotel name or the address of your accommodations and we will get in touch to provide you with a pick up time.

    Would you like to pay the deposit’? . Contact us: 

    Price per person in euros; private tour for:
    • Eight people: 74,00€
    • Six people: 82,00€
    • Four people: 97,00€
    • Two people: 145,00€   


    • Tasting Fees
    • Pintxos: 6
    • Wine: 6
    • Walking tour
    • Meeting Point: Pick-up at your hotel in San Sebastián (center of the city)
    • Private tour guide (3-4 hours). Local culinary bilingual guide where you will learn some more about the city and local culture.
    • No hidden charges
    • Taxes, tolls & fuel

    Available for vegans and vegetarians. Kids are welcome.

    We require a deposit of 50.00€ per person for reservation confirmation. Your deposit total will be deducted from your balance at the end of your tour. The total payment of the tour must be paid 15 days before the date.


    All deposits will be refunded for cancellation requests in advance of  7 days prior to your scheduled tour time. Cancellations within 7 days of your scheduled tour time are subject to a cancellation fee of 25% of. your total tour fee. Cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled tour time are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of your total tour fee. Must be in writing, sending an e-mail:

    • Details that do not appear in the “tour includes” section
    • Overtime:  extra hour of the chauffeur and private guide
    • A pick up / drop off farther of San Sebastian city centre

    Please note that passengers traveling to Spain must have travel Insurance.

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