Organic food markets

    Organic food markets

    Organic food markets, it is very common for farmers sell their products in local markets around Spain. These farmers have small and family farms, and its products can be considered a real luxury. Farmers offer fresh vegetables harvested that morning, freshly baked breads and, above all, seasonal products.

    They do not use industrial pesticides

    Usually the price of these products in the organic food markets is higher than the prices in the supermarket. It is logical considering that the productions son family and small size and can not compete with the big supermarkets. But we must also bear in mind that these farmers do not use industrial pesticides. And because the productions are limited by the weather conditions of that season, the pests and the good harvest.

    It is curious to visit these organic food markets in the different regions of Spain and check the different varieties in the same vegetable or vegetable. We find different legumes according to the region. Chickpeas in Madrid for their famous cocido from Madrid, dark beans. In the Basque Country or the renowned Fabes in Asturias; orange, black or green lentils in León.

    Different vegetables through Spain

    Besides that in the organic farm markets the vegetables of all the possible forms, from lettuce, asparagus, Swiss chard or spinach. In these markets we find the sale of local producers who offer their potatoes as excellent as potatoes from Galicia or in Vitoria we find the local market in July with fresh garlic from Corella. We find tomatoes of different sizes and colors. But, if we ask the farmer, it is sure to advise us to buy the «ugliest» because they will be the tastiest.

    Besides that, in the Organic food markets it is common to find other products of the farms. The flowers that the farmers collected that day in their field. You can also tray a wine made at the farm. For example Takoli in Basque Country in northern Spain. Or sweet wine in the mountains of Malaga in Aldalushia.

    Flavors as our grandparents felt them

    The most important thing is that currently in Spain we can eat fresh organic food throughout the country. Thanks to these farmers of Organic food markets, it is possible to eat healthy. We can have the true flavors as our grandparents felt them.

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