Full indulge in Basque food

    Full indulge in Basque food

    Indulge in Basque food
    Full Indulge in Gastronomy

    Full indulge in Basque food is a gastronomic experience for foodies in the region where cooking is an art and a way of life. From the coastal and mountain landscape to the fascinating history and the fabulous gastronomic experiences, the Basque Country has everything to make the gastronomic traveler eager for new experiences. Full indulge in Gastronomy from the elegant city of San Sebastian (Donostia in Basque). San Sebastian is in the perfect location to taste your way through the region, you will explore the fresh and delicious local pintxos. And you will be in the region of Spain with the highest number of Michelin stars per inhabitant in the world, a paradise for food lovers. Enter the wonderful world of gastronomy of the Basque Country in your trip Full indulge in gastronomy. Your stay of 4 nights will be optional, there are three categories: Luxury, Superior and Tourist

    DAY 01-02

    Dinner at Martin Berasategui Restaurant in Lasarte, the only chef who has tent Michelin stars in Spain. The restaurant where traditional and avant-garde cuisine is fused in an informal atmosphere


    DAY 02-03

    The day of this indulge in Basque food experience will begin with a city tour. It will be a reminder of the beautiful Belle Époque in decades before the First World War. After opening your appetite, enjoy your first taste of the Basque Country with a delicious tour of «Pintxos».

    Unlike tapas, they are not food rations as such, and they do not substitute a lunch. They are small bites that suppose a work of culinary art in which flavors, colors and textures are fused in the palate. Enjoy the best pintxos that San Sebastian has to offer while touring the vibrant neighborhoods of the city with our expert guide. An explosion of wonderful colors and flavors awaits you in this gourmet tour strictly for gourmets. Make your way through San Sebastian while your guide tells you some tasty stories about the culinary habits of Donostia as well.



    From elegant classics to highly creative newcomers. Make a visit to the food market, where our guide will accompany you through the stalls full of color to the oil station. You will assist to an Oleo-tasting drived by the master of the oil, to know from his expert hand the secrets of «liquid gold». An immersion in the rich cuisine of the city. The final touch of this day will be a dinner in an authentic gastronomic society. Access to these clubs, authentic temples of gastronomy, is restricted. We put at your disposal this unique experience, with authenticity and far from places that simply simulate it. It will be amazing to full indulge in Basque food. A luxury that few can access!. 


    DAY 03-04

    Today, Zarautz and Getaria. You will be transferred from San Sebastian to Zarautz. In this town you will visit a family winery of Txakoli, where you will know its secrets attended by the owners. There are some roots and causes that give this wine its own characteristics. But there is no doubt that the human factor of the family in the grape cultivation and subsequent elaboration is the basis that molds it. You will taste some pintxos with the tasting of the precious basque white wine, which bursts with a fruity flavor. Getaria, a capricious coastal town located 20 minutes from San Sebastian, will be your destination.



    The port that once was one of the most important ports in the Basque Country. Getaria has the impressive fish market called «La Lonja». Even nowadays many companies buy there fresh tuna and anchovies. Have a walk through the old town, full of history. Walk along the stone paths that Juan Sebastián Elkano walked before venturing into his adventures around the world. Here you will see the colorful fishing boats that enter the port. Contemplate the uniqueness of the church. The perfect walk before dinner at Elkano Restaurant, which has one Michelin star and where a delicious and famous grilled fish awaits you.


    DAY 04-05

    Enjoy the last Indulge in Basque food. Your last stop will be Idiazabal and a “Sagardotegia” (cider house). Idiazabal is a small town located in the province of Guipuzkoa. Discover a different way of living with your guide. He will show you the way in which the Basque shepherds lived and live nowadays in the green pastures, constantly taking care of the “Latxa” sheep. This small town has given its name to the famous Idiazabal cheese, one of the best known products of Basque cuisine. Taste buds tingle, they will take you to the cheese factory. The expert cheesemaker will teach you to distinguish the intense flavor of the cheese. The tasting will be accompanied by a glass of txakoli wine, which perfectly completes the intense flavor of the cheese.



    You will be taken to the typical cider house lunch recognized Worldwide as a “Sagardotegia”. In this cider house next to San Sebastian you will be initiated in the “Txotx” rite. Going to a sagardotegia to taste its menu is an ancient and very traditional event among the people of the Basque Country. The traditional cider house menu has some basic dishes. Cod omelet, chistorra and chorizo ​​(optional), cod with peppers, ribeye, cheese, nuts for dessert and “kupela” cider. Txotx is called the action of opening the tap of the “kupela” or barrel to serve the cider in the glasses. Therefore, when we are in a cider house eating the traditional menu, all the diners get up to the scream of txotx!, because it means that the person in charge of the cellar is going to open one of the “kupelas” or barrels.


    At that moment, everyone, glass in hand, leaves the table to queue. In an orderly manner, they place their glasses under the tap, one after each other, so that not a drop of the cider is wasted. Thus, until the last of the retinue is served, then the “kupela” is closed.


    May – June – July – August – September – October



    DURATION: 5 days + 4 overnight stays (including day of arrival and departure)

    NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Max.16 participants per group

    REQUIREMENTS; No prior knowledge is required for this Gastronomy trip.



    Dinner at Martin Berasategui Restaurant in Lasarte

    Pintxos tour with pintxo tasting in the old part of the city (3 pintxos, 3 Txakoli or Rioja wines)

    Oleo-tasting with 1 drink (Txakoli or Rioja)

    Dinner in an authentic gastronomic society

    Dinner at Michelin-starred Elkano Restaurant

    Visit and tasting Idiazabal cheese

    Cider tasting at Sagardotegi (cider house) with typical cider house lunch

    Txakoli wine tasting with 2 «pintxos»

    4 Overnight stays with full board.

     High-end private vehicle transport

    Support team and private guide expert in gastronomy.

    Guaranteed payment certificate


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